Foreign Sellers

Food Importing Services for Foreign Sellers

Foreign sellers to the United States face challenges in selling to retailers and wholesalers. In many cases food retailers and wholesalers will not agree to serve as the importer of record or FSVP importer. We offer a solution with our food importing services.

We act as:

Importer of Record

USFI Sales serves as the importer of record and is responsible for clearing the merchandise and ensuring that duties, taxes and fees are paid.

FSVP Importer

USFI Sales serves as the FSVP importer/FSVP agent for shipments and performs all compliance required of the FSVP rule.

Customs Clearance

We clear your shipments through customs and deal with related matters including:

• Submitting the Importer Security Filing (ISF)
• Filing FDA Prior Notice
• Filing the Customs entry and release
• Addressing and resolving CBP, FDA and USDA holds

Order Processing

• We receive and process orders from retail and wholesale customers
• We issue sales orders to retailers and wholesalers
• We issue purchase orders to foreign sellers
• We maintain EDI systems required of retailers and wholesalers
• We track U.S. inventory
• Foreign sellers may access purchase order records through our portal


• We invoice U.S. customers
• We analyze and document deductions from U.S. customers
• We remit payment to foreign sellers in USD or foreign currency

Logistics Support

• Resolving terminal/facility holds
• Arranging drayage
• Issuing delivery orders
• Confirming delivery to destinations

Customer Services

• We provide updates on delivery status to customers
• We assist in making delivery appointments
• We answer compliance questions