Food Import Services for the U.S. Market

Access the World's Largest Food and Beverage Market with Our Food Importing and Fulfillment Services


Food Import Services

USFI Sales provides food importing and fulfillment services to food retailers and wholesalers and foreign sellers, including eCommerce sellers of food. We are the importer of record, clear customs, process purchase orders, manage logistics and more.

Foreign Sellers

Do U.S. retailers and wholesalers want to buy your products but will not be the FSVP importer or importer of record? We have solutions.

Retailers and Wholesalers

Are you a buyer or category manager seeking a foreign product, but FSVP or importer of record issues are stopping you? We can help.


Do you need a U.S.-based importer to clear shipments and get your products to fulfillment centers? We can assist.

USFI Sales Imports for and Sells to America's Leading Supermarket Chains

We act as the FDA FSVP importer, importer of record and meet all other vendor requirements so buyers and category managers get the products they need.



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