Retailers and Wholesalers

Food Importing Services for Retailers and Wholesalers

Buyers and category managers at retailers and wholesalers face many challenges in global sourcing of food products. The increasing risks of importing foods have led many corporate compliance departments to adopt policies which stop buyers from purchasing directly from foreign suppliers. Examples of these policies include prohibiting the retail or wholesaler from acting as the importer of record or FSVP importer and requiring that foods be sold under delivered duty paid (DDP) purchase terms.

USFI Sales offers the solution to allow buyers and category managers to source the food products they want while meeting corporate compliance requirements. Buyers and category managers let us know the products they want to source and the suppliers they wish to source from. We ensure the suppliers meet corporate and regulatory compliance requirements. We serve as the vendor and provide all documentation required of your company's legal and quality assurance departments. Buyers then place orders with USFI Sales and we import the food and arrange transportation to the destination.

Our services include:


We serve as a vendor to your company, include your company as a named insured under our product liability insurance and provide a written guarantee that the products comply with FDA requirements. USFI Sales meets vendor requirements for large chain supermarkets and wholesalers.

EDI Ordering and Invoicing

We connect with your company's EDI system. We receive your purchase orders and send buyers a sales order. We transmit invoices to your a/p department via EDI and offer flexibility to receive orders via email or fax as needed.

FSVP Importer

We act as the FSVP importer for shipments and perform all related FSVP compliance requirements.

Importer of Record

We act as the importer of record for shipments and are responsible for properly classifying the foods and paying all duties, taxes and associated fees.

Customs Clearance

We clear the food through Customs and handle all holds placed by government agencies such as FDA and USDA.


We ensure that foods are delivered to your distribution centers and provide assistance in scheduling deliveries.