Fresh Bakery Marketing Update December 21, 2021

Authenticity Matters in Products According to Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery, consumers are more inquisitive about the authenticity of their products. Read more on how authenticity is driving consumer demand for artisanal baked goods here. TikTok’s Most Popular Christmas Recipes Jack and Beyond Christmas Cakes, an award-winning online cake shop in Fulham, London, recently sought…

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Fresh Bakery Marketing Update November 22, 2021

Uber Eats’ Annual Report on Popular, Unusual, and Unique Orders The newly released report listed breakfast, including bagels and donuts, and pizza as top 10 popular items on the food delivery app. Prioritizing Foods with Clean Labels A recent survey on Clean Label Research showed that 51% of consumers do not want mono- and diglycerides to be used in…

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Fresh Bakery Marketing Update October 29, 2021

Wheat Futures Soar Poor harvests in Canada have contributed to the price surge. Google Trends Review: Consumer Interest in Breakfast Category Outpaces Other Mealtimes Consumer searches for breakfast in the food and drink category have continued to outpace searches for lunch and dinner over the past twelve month and 5 year periods. Similarly searches for “breakfast…

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Fresh Bakery Marketing Update October 6, 2021

rich butter croissants close up

IDDBA COVID-19 Impact September Webinar IDDBA reports large increase in perimeter bakery sales in August compared to both August 2020 and 2019. Croissants, pastries, muffins, and more had particularly large increases. IRI Reports Soaring Croissant Sales in IDDBA Bakery Spotlight Webinar The webinar was based on IRI data about bakery, and fresh grocery. Key takeaways include: Consumers…

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Fresh Bakery Marketing Update September 9, 2021

rolls and buns on burlap and in basket with wheat

Ethical Labels and How to Boost Their Value on Packaged Foods Sweden is at the top of a new ranking compiled by research consultancy Euromonitor when it comes to the potential for using ethical labels to enhance food sales. The ranking/index – which identified the markets with the most potential for companies to communicate sustainability – was…

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